Monday, June 28, 2010

The Center for UFO Truth and it's Interesting Agenda

James Carrion has been an interesting voice in Ufology since he began to decry poor investigative techniques and useless anecdotal hearsay in research.  It's a breath of fresh air when someone tries to study this phenomenon without given credence to every blurry photograph while saying that all of it is true without any scrutiny.  In many circles, even the most ridiculous theories are placed alongside the most credible making the entire field look foolish.

Carrion has been working to change this, and his new endeavor, The Center for UFO Truth, reflects this.  However, it also has a rather specific goal.  His angle on Ufology is to look into government documents for evidence of a cold war-era conspiracy and cover up.  This is where he expects to find evidence of UFO activity, and perhaps he will be successful given his specific goal and driven agenda.

This section from his blog, however, is what I like the most:

CUT will work outside of the three ring circus that is Ufology and will not accept the contributions of anonymous individuals or alleged whistleblowers nor will it examine alleged leaked documents...Unfortunately,the field of Ufology has nothing to show for more than 60 years of investigation and research. By not adhering to professional evidentiary standards, Ufology will neither join the halls of academia nor will it discover what truly lies behind the subject of UFOs.

Quite right. It's embarrassing how poorly we have handled UFO investigations, and maybe his leadership will move us in the right direction.  Either way, I wish him luck.

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