Friday, June 25, 2010

The Curious Case of the Black Stickmen

Of all the paranormal things I research, few are such head-scratchers as the recent phenomenon of the black stickmen.

The stories are only evident in the last six or seven years and they tell of walking stickmen who look like a child's drawing come to life.  Even the most ardent believers in the paranormal are being hesitant to buy into this one.  The stories seem to only come from English speaking places, and each story is almost identical.

The black stickmen are seen while someone is on their way home (never on the way to work) and just as dusk is setting in they are seen.  Anyone who sees them gets understandably frightened at the queer sight of a 6 - 10 foot tall walking stickman that seems two dimensional.  (They are always described as being two-dimensional, but that would make walking impossible.)  They bounce as they walk, almost clumsily, and then they hide when they realize they are being watched.

Every story about them seems to follow that same pattern, and most of the time these stories are recaps of something someone heard - as if one story is being told over and over.  They have been casually linked to UFOs, but not even circumstantial evidence exists to form a real connection.  The Forgetomori blog has thoroughly collected the videos of these creatures, and it is easy to see that none of these videos shows any paranormal activity - just shadows and some out of focus weeds.

It's a fascinating story, but I just don't know if there have been any developments since the first reports and those are not too credible.

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