Do you debunk paranormal stories?  Or are you a believer?

Neither.  When I hear fascinating stories of impossible things, I like to look into them.  Nothing would make me happier than stumbling onto a real alien spaceship or trapping Bigfoot in my garage, but I'm not out to make a name for myself by proving any of these stories.  And since every story of this type has been thoroughly debunked by non-believers, there's not much value in repeating their arguments.  I try to look at the facts and the arguments to see what conclusions can be drawn.

Aren't there a lot of sites like this?  Why write another one?

Yes, there are PLENTY of paranormal websites - but none to my liking.  Every website that deals with these issues seems to be very biased and, as such, do not provide useful articles.  Many websites by True Believers claim that every superstition is true and that every nutty story about Elvis on spaceships delivering werewolf babies is completely believable.  On the skeptical end of the spectrum there are cynics who would not believe in Bigfoot if he came into their house and took pictures of himself.  No trustworthy analysis can come from these voices.  So, I try to provide a balanced view of what we know.

Why do you keep this website anonymously?

Even though I think I am level-headed about paranormal things, it's still risky to let anyone know that you research such things.  There are scores of people who won't want anything to do with me if they knew I kept such a website.  I may be over-reacting, but better safe then sorry.

Can I contact you?

Sure.  Just send an email to TheUncannyInvestigator at gmail dot com.I'm happy to hear from readers.

What is that picture on your main page?

That's the ballroom of an abandoned English asylum known as Hellingly Hall.  There's a Wikipedia article on it here (which is where I got the pic).