Skeptoid - Brian Dunning is quite the skeptic - and he's quite intelligent as well.  I don't always agree with him, but I do always learn something new from him.  He has a better understanding of science than most people who are involved in the paranormal field, and his arguments are usually very logical.  Possibly the smartest of the skeptics.

The Anomalist - This website is a huge news feed updated throughout the day with paranormal news.  It seems nothing is too crazy or to skeptical, so a story about invisible walking potatoes might show up next to an article debunking a U.F.O. claim.  It's a good way to keep up with the latest news on these issues.

Strange USA - This website breaks down paranormal activity by city and state, so you can check out hauntings and other weird stuff in your area.  I used this when I investigated some things in my area (a disappointing investigation), and if you complete an investigation in your area feel free to send it to me and I might publish it here.  There are numerous websites that compile this type of data, but I think Strange USA is the best and it has many active members.

The James Randi Educational Foundation - What to say about Randi...his work has been very important in uncovering frauds and educating the masses on not being scammed, but the people who contribute on his website have more recently developed a condescending and rather rude tone when discussing issue.  I like to see what the Randi group has to say about certain issues - sometimes it is very valuable - but it certainly lacks objectivity.

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