Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! The Mystery of Dyatlov Pass...

In happened in 1959 when a group of experienced Ski Hikers in Russia left on a hike and, except for the one hiker who got ill and turned back, did not return. Investigators were skeptical that entire team of experienced explorers could be lost completely, but when they finally launched an investigation they were horrified at what they found.

The campsite was a disaster and bodies were found all over the place. (It took months to find them all even after the campsite was found.) The tents showed evidence that the some of the campers had exited their tents by tearing a hole in the back of the tent, instead of going out the front flap. Some of the hikers were found nearly naked, as if they felt the need to exit the tent into the unforgiving cold as quickly as possible. Whatever frightened them was scarier than being exposed to the Russian winter and gave them the impression that they needed to tear their tents apart to escape.

The bodies were strange in themselves. There were no obvious signs of trauma on their dead bodies but some of them had head wounds and other internal damage that would seem to be a cause of death. Authorities said that it would take an impact similar to getting hit by a car to cause the internal injuries that were discovered. Oh, and the bodies had a peculiar orange glow about them. The bodies showed a high level of radiation when they were tested. (I should add that UFO's were sighted in the area that evening, but I almost hate to include that. Gotta' be thorough.) It doesn't help that many of these details were suppressed by the Russian government.

To make things worse, the official cause of death is an 'unknown compelling force'. Creepy.

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