Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did Satanists Really Murder Four Teens...and Eat Them?

You may not want to read this,

It happened in Yarolslavle, Russia, 480 miles from Moscow. Four young people who have been missing since June were found by investigators.

Police found the victims' arms and legs in a pit dressed with Satanic symbols, and investigators say each victim was stabbed 666 times – a number taken to be the sign of the devil.

It was other teenagers who carried out the crime. Eight young people are suspected of being responsible; all of them are members of a devil worshiping cult. This sounds unbelievable (most stories I hear about Satan worshipers turn out to be hysteria) but this time the Devil worshipers are not the work of someone's paranoia.

Parts of the bodies were mutilated and then eaten, then the remains of the bodies were placed in a pit next to an upside-down cross.

I grew up during the Ritual Satanic Abuse scare. After a few murders/child molestations were blamed on Satanic cults parents began to fear that Satanists were in their neighborhood operating in evil underground temples where children were abused and sacrifices were made to Baphomet. The media fed these fears and soon everyone knew that the Satanists were in their backyard. It was a silly time when owning a pet snake or listening to rock music could label you as a Devil worshiping killer by concerned parents.

At the time, this kind of murder wasn't even happening, it was just hysteria, but this time it was real.

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