Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Going to Court because Your House is Haunted?

A married couple living in Rome thought they had a great deal on their hands when they bought their old house, but soon they will be going to court to sue the previous owners. According to Italian law, any previously known problem with the house must be disclosed when the house is purchased. And what is wrong with this house? It's haunted.

Their first night in the old home the new couple witnessed their first haunting when water seeped in from under the bathroom door.

"The hot water tap was pouring out boiling water and the room was full of steam. My wife was stunned, because she had turned off everything before going to bed."

They claim that the hautnings have continued and go on to describe more incidents. Also, one historian claims that an exorcism was once performed on the premises, or nearby. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if the courts will make any ruling on this, seeing as how they must first admit that a haunting is real before they can hold the previous tenant accountable for anything. Of course, it sounds like a scam to my naturally skeptical ears, but I maintain an open mind.

I wonder if a court of law has ever declared something haunted.

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