Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something Suspicious About the Chilean Miners

I am very glad that the Chilean miners are being rescued, and it's a credit to the country that they were able and willing to spend the money and time it took to find those men (after they had officially been declared dead) and to rescue them.  This is good news.  But there's more - and some parts of the story we will never truly know.

Mine shafts have a long history of strange activity.  In 1945, a a section of the Belva Mine (located in Pennsylvania) caved in and left many miners trapped.  They were frightened, but they soon noticed a door open in the cave and a man holding a lantern assured them that rescue was coming - and disappeared back into the door.  (No one ever comments on the nature of that door.  Did the trapped miners try to open it themselves?  Did the door blend in with the wall?  And no word on why the man wouldn't let them escape through his door - or bring them any food.)  There are many stories of such underground men being encountered by modern diggers - but no evidence, unfortunately.

There are also some very widely accepted stories about hidden tunnels all over the Earth.  This site lists U.S. military bases and their tunnels that lead to other bases in other states; I don't know if any of it is true, of course. But I do know that you can do an internet search for "hidden underground passages" and find something for just about every part of the world.  These tunnels are normally attributed to something far more ancient and mysterious than the government, however.

And, who can forget the Shaver Stories?  Richard Shaver published some stories about going underground and meeting with strange people called the "Deros" who were not so kind as the fellow who helped the Belva Miners in 1945 - instead they ate people.  His stuff was published as fiction, but written as if it were true.  He would maintain that it was true until he died, and this lead to a very enduring following.

So, we're left with a rather spotty legacy of miners seeing strange things and stories of underground caverns.  What does this have to do with the Chilean miners?  Probably nothing, but there are few loose ends in their story.

For starters, these men were in the in the mine for two whole months - that's the longest anyone has ever been trapped in a mine and survived.  We are told that they survived by rationing food and eating small bites every other day, and they even had some food left over when they were rescued.  Is it possible that they had some help?  The doctor who made contact with them was impressed at their level of comfort, and we've seen that they are rather cool-headed about the ordeal.

But what's really suspicious is the gag order these men have agreed to.  Before being rescued, these men were asked to sign an agreement saying that they would never talk about the first seventeen days they spent in the mine.  We are told that this is because of the secretes that they told: since they thought they would die, some of them told stories about having affairs and other things that were secret.  But, if this is being kept a secret, how could the press know about it?  And is it really necessary to make them sign something like this before rescuing them?  It's very odd.  Did they see something, or did they find something they were not supposed to see?  And could it have anything to do with why the Chilean government was so quick to claim that the men were dead and hold a funeral for them?

The truth is, unless one of these mens breaks their agreement, we'll never know what went on in that cavern before they were rescued.


  1. Man you have no idea what you are talking about. The where reached by a drill hole 17 days after and they sent down food, medicine, etc. Read a bit before posting bullcrap

  2. I know that, anonymous. Why do you think I didn't? It's those first 17 days that I'm concerned with.

  3. interesting to see the first stories/rumors come out of this event. Fox network was reporting that one of the miners "saw god and the devil" literally, when he actually meant internally. not surprising to see Fox sensationalize a story.
    it is remarkable that they were able to make the food stretch that long. but apparently that was due to their own planning and strength of will and not anything outside the mundane.
    do you have any source for the agreement they signed?

  4. Yes, there's a link in the second to last paragraph - click on the words "gag order."

  5. This is just unfounded wildass paranormal/conspiracy speculation.

    Things are exactly what they seem.

    The gag order is likely required because the men first must tell their stories to the mine's owners/operators, insurance ivestigators, Chilean mining officials, etc. (you know, like in official investigations).

    Step away from the computer, go outside, and take a deep breath of fresh air. You need it.

  6. I was just out. I saw a red-tailed hawk hunting a pigeon. It was then attacked by blue jays. I don't lack for time out of doors. There was a possum two days ago that I think has chased away the local cats. Pity.

    This is all speculative, and not very serious. Notice I don't make any specific claims. I find the gag order curious, but nothing more.

  7. 'gag order' is now a broken link - bummer!

  8. Look guys.
    The reason they were told not to say anything about the first 17 days is this. The miners thought that they werent going to be rescued and therfor they were going to die. SO, they raped the weekest and all turned on the young guys and sexually assulted them. thats why they were told . AND I QUOAT...What happened in the mine stays in the mine.

  9. You want trapped-miners high-strangeness? Look no further than the Sheppton Mine Rescue - first time they ever drilled-down to rescue anyone. Go to and click on Proof: Life after Death! read the whole thing .. pretty way out there! Maybe strange cosmic things happen if you appear beyond all salvation trapped underground? Who knows? The guys that get out do - that's who! Just read the article and snoop around online - there is an online article comparing the two mishaps re Sheppton and Chile

  10. this blog is bullcrap

  11. The gag order link is fixed. It should point to this:

  12. There was a waterfall down there. They used it to clean up with. You can survive for much longer then 17 days if you have water. Medical doctors say you can live without food for 4 to 6 weeks.

  13. Uncanny Investigator,

    I apologize for the mean spirited attacks by my fellow commentors. They are filled with so much frustration and self-loathing from their unfinished lives that, sitting invisible in front of their computers and ripping a complete stranger to shreds, for no other reason than to spew hate from their internal volcano, is their only respite...albeit it is temporary and must be repeated several times a day to maintain semi-satisfaction.

    As for me, I enjoyed your article and read it as what was written...i.e., for "entertainment."

    Thank You


  15. Food for thought... Thank you Uncanny Investigator.

    Some people on this post take it too seriously - relax guys, no harms been done. It's just someone trying to make you think with a broader outview - don't worry, it doesn't hurt.

  16. This article is in the low end of stupid. Talk about why people think all paranormal investigators and bloggers are kooky.

  17. There are many reasons that a gag order was instituted. Most probably it would be to protect the company that owned the Mine. It doesn't sound like this Mine was a top-flight operation. Then there is the President and we don't know what shadowy affiliation he might have with the Mine Owners or what Chilean politics are transpiring behind the scenes. This isn't America here, its Chile and they do things differently than we do. South American leaders rise and fall on a sneeze,so most run paranoid all the time.Then there is the sordid lives of some of the Miners and that may prove to be embarrassing to the President, external politics may be involved as the Mine Company was a US/Chilean enterprise, something anomalous may have actually happened down there in the Mine, or as someone previous noted-the Miners may have not behaved in the best manner during this ordeal It might have been a three ring freak show down there. There is always the possibly they did find something anomalous down there and the government wants to get it out.I mean something from the past. NASA, who doesn't usually get involved in such activities was johnny-on-the-spot on this one.Kind of makes you wonder about things, doesn't it? Then again, the gag order could be quite innocuous and was used to heighten the drama of the television presentation. Maybe add a little "zip" to the festivities. Getting the Press excited and the conspiracy theorists bouncing around their bunkers. Whether,those Miners went Locos in the first 17 days or they saw the man come out of the door or they spent the time talking with Elvis. We might never know,but I have a feeling somebody is going to talk somewhere and with all this cash flying around eventually the story will come out. As with all things like this involving companies and governments...follow the money trail. Not to the Miners,but to the political levels far above them.

  18. A lot of the paranormal is folklore. This was an incredibly interesting article and I think the uncannyinvestigator deserves better than a few of the more ridiculously hostile comments here. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and always say kudos to a fellow investigator who wishes to tell tale of the Deros. Also, I had never read about the mine door story. I have not seen this blog before, but will be reading it in the future.

    And before any of the ridiculous hostility comes my way, I'm going to step outside and enjoy a walk in the park. It will be practice for dismissing the impetuousness we all face on the web from time to time.

    Kudos to uncannyinvestigator for the fun and well written article.

  19. A conspiracy around this is not so far fetched. check out the inverted pentagram logo on the tshirts the miners were asked to wear. the tshirt reads "thank you lord" I guess they mean lord Baal or Baalzebub. look for google images of "pentagram goat" it meets the MO of the powers that be: Hidden symbols and obsession with numerology 33 miners rescued on 10/13/10 rescued after 69 days shaft drilled at 11deg.After all the Chilean CIA backed coup happened on 9/11 1973.

  20. We must use the common sense; we just have to see the state of mind and fatness of these allegedly miners. You have to see how they hide the identity with glasses (still use it today) to these undercover secret agents posing as miners. I have no doubt that this is another conspiracy. I would like to know what they are trying to hide or what new attacks they are plotting.
    Too obvious, they are exposing them self. Good Article.

  21. Whilst i don't doubt the miners really were stuck underground, i can't help but have an uneasy feeling that somethings aren't as they appear. Could the whole disaster have been rigged (either with the miners consent or without it)? There was lots to gain by the operation going well and an early release date worked even better to 'hopefully' secure a further term for the President amongst other bonuses - e.g. a very likely increase in tourism etc. Why i have a strange feeling is that I was fascinated by how they apparently had a sip of milk each, every other day - now where would they store milk when it was rumoured to be a warm temperature down there - rancid milk is vile and would they have had sufficient rations available to spread out for 17 days for 33 miners even if it was a nibble here and there - would they have always had spare food for such emergencies - what time of day did the disaster first happen and what time would they have eaten their 'pack lunches', would they have had food still available in their lunch boxes. There also seemed to be a small cupboard on the rock wall - were they in a shelter where they store things???. What also occured on the planet at the time that every news channel took 24 hours of almost solid air time to report the rescue - sky news for example barely mentioned any other news during that rescue period! I wonder what news items were sneeked in under this distraction and what may have happened that may never see light of day! Was anything covered up during this period... i do think there was something strange in this whole saga....

    Call me 'Suspicious Sue'

  22. I followed the first rescue and wake up in the morning to to see it going on and I was moved to tears. I believe every single bit of the story but I have some questions that CNN doesn't seem to cover:
    - Entire production of the rescue seems perfect with flags and rescue capsule decorated with Chilean motifs, everybody seem confident that things are going OK president constant smiling
    - All 33 miners lived in an area roughly 600 sq feet initially reported 300. Picture 33 people in an area of 600 square feet, having their needs same place sleeping .. and then the air where was it coming from?
    - 17 days into this isolation and then a drill makes it through, tap on to it and pass a message. How do you attach a note to that drill that will make it to the surface? I Imagine when you pull up the drill abrasiveness of the walls will remove anything you stick to the shaft. Was there a cavity in that drill where the message was stuck/attached?
    - Second miner makes it out and brings stones to the rescuers very thoughtful! This miner seemed to have a fresh haircut and in a very good shape quite energetic after 69 days in a confined space. Did they sent shaving kits to the miners? Was there water underground? Who did give this miner the haircut underground?
    - Compare the first video clips of miners after 17 days under and the ones after 69 days under. They seem to look a lot better after 69 days, I understand there was contact, care and supplies but still...
    - Those are natural questions that will come in someones mind that media doesn't seem to cover.

    Call me curious!

    1. Yes they were told to exercise in order to fit in the capsules leading up to the rescue. They were sent shoving supplies and other toiletries as well as electronics. They were also sent food supplies as well. They sent stuff down that would help prepare hem for the day they were reduced because they were told it would be televised. One if the men was much more ill than the others and did appear to be weak and lethargic.

    2. Oh geez...hahah blame it in my autocorrect^^^

  23. I just wanted to say that I am also suspicious of this whole story. There's a couple things that raised red flags in my mind but nothing concrete, so for all I know the official story is the truth. But I do have a problem with those people who say "the official story is true, stop being cynical" or act like you're a bad person for questioning what happened. A good amount of skepticism is healthy.

  24. The gag order really does raise a red-flag for me. If there was some type of sexual assault before they thought they would be rescued then I'm sure someone would be going to jail (Sorry--it's human nature--even if you were placed under a gag order, if you were raped, you'd come out with it). We'll never know what went down in those mines--but it's very possible, given the things we DON'T know about these massive cave systems, that there could have been unknown and even paranormal elements to what happened in those 17 days. Chances are we'll never know. But to dismiss as "conspiracy theory bs"is pretty big mistake, IMO. The miners deserve better than that. And we deserve the truth.

  25. I have some Chilean Miner cartoons at my blog that are free for you to use if you are interested.

  26. I need to update and apologise for something i since discovered in my message dated Oct 15th at 5.43pm - apparently the miners had 10 tins of tuna and found some long-life milk that they ate during their first 17 days. However i'm still suspicious e.g. were the miners skilled enough to install electricty /tv /filming systems in their cave? Maybe they were skilled but positioning of camera for rescue attempt seems to be in a perfect position to face the capsule entrance point - unless this was set up ready once the rescue hole had been drilled. Really i /we need more facts and figures - i am rooting around in the dark for detailed info! A detailed write up of events should clarify the true story or blast holes in it....

    Sue x

  27. Hey Sue...I've kind of gone back and fourth from thinking it's staged to thinking it's all real. Some footage seems extremely real and other footage and facts seem fake and suspicious. This leads me to think that maybe some of them were in on it while the others were not, so that would explain why some of it seems very real while we still that feeling that we can't quite believe the official story.

    Notice how the first 2 guys being rescued is the main focus of the footage, while the others are sort of an afterthought? And the first 2 seemed a little too perfect, thats when I got the fake feeling. Perhaps those were the ones in on it, while most of them didn't know and for them very real. The "inside the mine" footage in the beginning seemed convincing to me though.

  28. I feel bad now for thinking it was fake but nothing surprises me these days. So if IMHO 9/11 was fake, i guess that this could be too! I just need to see more evidence before i make any further comments. I may have been a bit too quick to make such a judgement on this one..... Where's Eric Hufschmidt when you need him - he did a great documentary called 'Painful Deceptions' on 9/11!

  29. You people who don't believe this report and don't take the time to do your own RESEARCH, this bud's for you! CONDEMNATION WITHOUT INVESTIGATION IS IGNORANCE.
    This article is spot on. This is all about the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Alien Agenda, and Mythology and Prophecy being fulfilled. They were reported to be "dead" so that they could be "brought back to life". That is exactly what is going to be happening soon, in the last days. Look up the Phoenix, in Mythology and see what it says.
    Look up the meaning of number 33 and 69. 33 represents the Freemasons. Go to the vigilant website and read what he says about it. Go to Sherry Shriner's websites and find the truth about the end times.

    So all of you naysayers, go put your heads back the sand, and when the aliens and giants reveal themselves and you find that they are chasing after you and your kiddies cause they are hungry, just remember one thing!! You were warned...loosers.

  30. 33 miners trapped down half a mile for 17 days. Come on you guys. These people thought they would never be saved. They thought that they were going to die for sure. So i repeate my statment in saying. that the young guys were held down and raped by mario & co. Would you put a gag order on if you were a presadent? of a country when the supposed hero`s who were saved were actully homo`s rapists and just down right anamils. This is somthing that ive heard from one of the family members of the guys whom where saved so ther you`s go. WHAT HAPPENED IN THE MINE STAYS IN THE MINE. Thats what the president whispered to each person who was saved just after reaching the surfice.some of the guys didnt really want to come up. One tried to take his own life after the first person was rescued. Stick that in your PIPE and smoke it..........

  31. the belva mine incident was in kentucky, not pennsylvania.

  32. Thank you for your blog. I found it interesting and informative. Don't attack the blogger. He's just commenting. Make up your own minds. :)

    Additional things I found interesting: 33 miners were saved. Thirty-three is a high occultic number. No idea what, if anything, it means, but it's interesting.

    Also, check out this link which discusses NASA's involvement down there:

    Before any one attacks me for simply sharing the link, I would say again: investigate. Make up your own mind and think for yourself.

    Great blog.

  33. It may seem impossible for these miners to survive. But nothing is impossible. We don't know the real score behind this incident. But whatever it is, we must be thankful that these 33 miners were saved.

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  35. I'm so glad the chilean miners were able to be rescued!! Mining can be such a dangerous job, its always in the news when tragedies and disasters have happened around the world!

  36. Has anyone commenting on this post ever been to the Atacama? If so, are you aware what is going on there other than mining efforts? Did anyone remember the rescue effort details and that NASA went there to assist in the rescue? It was mentioned before in a previous post, and is really the most important point to consider and question.

    Some questions to ask ourselves. . . Since when has NASA ever involved itself in an Earth-based civilian rescue other than to recover astronauts traveling back from space? What type of research has NASA been doing in the Atacama in the past 20-30 years? Why are there more UFO sightings in this desert than any other place on the planet? What type of resources are being mined in this desert and what do we use them for here on Earth? Why is there a large array of radio telescopes (ALMA) in the Andes mountain range overlooking the region of the Atacama (and what is a radio telescope used for anyways)? Why in the past was SETI funding the Mars science research efforts in the Atacama?

    Now ask some of the questions again that you have just asked above and they start to answer themselves. Why were they asked to sign a gag order? Of course we can only speculate. But again, why was NASA down there? We have much better equipped rescue agencies that specialize in mining and cave Search and Rescue who would have done the job just fine. Last time I checked out of all the survival training astronauts go through, cave navigation and rescue isn't on the list.

    For late night interest, go onto youtube and search Astronauts and Aliens and focus on what the former NASA astronauts have to say about UFOs and life in space. And remember that all this information just flooded the web one summer back in about 2008/09. It was not accessible by the public up until that time. And one more question for all those who love to think outside the box: Why did Neil Armstrong (our national hero and international space extraordinaire who did one of the biggest things a human has ever done in being first to set foot on the Moon) never share his experience with our nation's youth, refused interview after interview and for decades other than to speak at the White House to celebrate the historical event every decade, and never wrote even a single book about his experience. He went reclusive after this experience. That is more than a little odd. Almost like a gag order itself. All the while his counterpart on the lunar surface was Buzz Alderin and he turned into an alcoholic for 20 years after their mission. Even struck a reporter who provoked him about whether his trip to the Moon ever took place. Again, Why? NASA screens astronauts to the highest degree possible, and while they cannot be perfect in doing so, it is absurd to say that both astronauts were just a little weird and crazy. But if you believe that with all of the screening NASA does, that they can't screen these elite fighter pilots from the military then I guess there isn't much hope for sanity in the human race.

  37. Maybe there wasn't 33 men to start with, there were 35 or 40 and some died and were eaten. I am currently reading a book on this disaster and it states than not one miner knew all the other miners once they became trapped. Plus there were miners down there that should have been on the surface and vica versa. They also looked in pretty decent shape when the first contact was made, 17 days after the accident, for a bunch of men living off a mouthful of tuna and a couple of peas a day.

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