Monday, July 19, 2010

He Saw Bigoot in his Backyard - Is he Crazy?

Now infamous in cryptozoology circles is an eldery fellow named Mr. Mike who told his friends he has been seeing Bigfoot (and family) hanging out in his backyard.  According to those close to him, Mr. Mike really believes this.  He has convinced many people with his stories that there is something happening in his back yard.

But there are no pictures and no one else has ever seen them, which is causing many researchers to assume that his determination and confidence is due to a mental instability.  We'll find out soon enough, however, as video equipment has been put in place to figure this out.  (More on that investigation at Cryptomundo.)

Not everyone thinks Mr. Mike is crazy.  As tells us, a Bigfoot researcher named David Rodriguez believes Mr. Mike's story but is certain the cameras will pick up nothing.  Why?  Because placing cameras near Bigfoot causes us to lose Bigfoot's trust.

I'm not buying it.  I don't believe animals (even cryptids) can comprehend technology and I don't think their presence causes us to enter into a contract with them by which we are not allowed to film them.  Animals don't act that way.  Rodriguez says this has happened to him before which makes me think that this is really just a clever explanation to explain why he has no evidence for his claims.  Saying that Mr. Mike's Bigfoot will not show up because of a camera is a convenient way to place his bets since it's unlikely it will yield any results.

Of course, introducing new people into an environment will usually scare away animals, so there's some truth in this, but a concealed camera put in place quietly should not cause a problem.  In the past, cameras placed in the woods to look for Bigfoot have turned up pictures of deer and bears.  This would mean that cameras do not deter wildlife and, as such, should not deter Bigfoot either.  Rodriguez's statement makes it sound as if he thinks that Bigfoot is more aware of technology and would understand the media in the way a normal animal would not.  That sounds very Hollywood, but it doesn't make much sense.


  1. Except bigfoot aren't just some giant ape you may perceive them to be. You can probably accept that bigfoot are very suspicious of humans right? You do recognize that new people there may cause them concern?

    Well for the final piece, cameras emit both IR light and Ultrasonic sound. The light extends outwards, not just at the source. Kind of like a laser beam would, not that you can see it because you can't. But if BF can, well maybe that's enough to keep them at bay. Make sense?

    For someone who investigates the paranormal and unexplained, I would think you might be a little more open minded and contemplate that maybe there are still elements to this bigfoot mystery we don't yet understand.

    And yes, just maybe they do recognize that we are chasing them and trying to document their existence. After all, that is what people are trying to do. The first step I would suggest is to not think of bigfoot as just some wild animal. They may be closer to us then you realize...

    But if there is any truth in Mike's claims, then there may be stuff going on that will be new to everyone. If History Channel is indeed seeing anomalies on their Flir as is now being stated, well everyone may need to put away their conclusion bucket.

  2. I'm happy to be open minded, but I think the claims in this case were hard to believe. As I said, cameras don't deter other animals, so unless Bigfoot is very close to human then we don't have any reason to believe the cameras would chase him away. Of course, there's no evidence of Bigfoot being anything more than a big ape - if anything.

  3. they can see the infared in trap cams