Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ancient Astronauts in Pompeii?

While visiting the ruins in Pompeii I came across something I certainly wasn't looking for:

It's strange that I had never heard of this.  Many of us are familiar with different paintings and images of UFOs in old works of art.  Here are some of the more well known examples:

From Wikipedia - This is the painting titled The Madonna with Saint Giovannino a painting from around the 15th century most likely painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio. The painting depicts Mary mother of Jesus looking down while in the background you can see a clear picture of what appears to be a UFO flying above while a man on a ledge blocks the sun with his hand and stares at the strange flying object in the sky.

This is The Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder (1710).  The disk-shaped representation of God(?) is certainly odd.

Having read much of the ancient astronaut lore I was surprised to find this ancient UFO-like painting in Pompeii.  I Am I the first UFO enthusiast to visit the ruins?  Or am I just the only person who thinks it looks like a UFO at all?

It's drawn on a wall above buildings as if it's in the air.  Did the Greeks who lived in Pompeii see things like this in the sky?

Oh, and Boston saw it, too.


  1. I think it does absolutely no good to try to force-fit these ancient images into our modern frames of reference. After all, you could make just as compelling an argument that the artist had somehow foreseen the hubcap of a 1958 Desoto.

  2. GREEKS? You had to great fortune to visit Pompeii and you failed to assimilate anything about the town, it's history, or its people other than a UFO-like fresco? My God, what a sad waste...

  3. hahahah pompeii is Italian dumb ass not Greek

  4. Not so clear cut.

    Ancient Greece inspired ancient Rome, and the City of Pompeii was part of Rome. For a 100 year period, Pompeii was in fact part of Greece, so one cannot deny some direct claim. But of course there were many wars to follow and influence from different countries overlap.

    Still, even though Pompeii was in Italy, it was long part of the Roman Empire, which was almost wholly influenced by ancient Greece. Sometimes history need to be looked at lineally thru the ages and not just at the most recent point in time.

    As for the ancient images, it would be nice to authenticate whether these were in early verified photos and paintings of the same. I've just always wondered if they were included later and part of our internet culture influence.


  5. And 'technically', he said "Did the Greeks 'who lived in Pompeii' see things like this in the sky?" And so its probably a very safe bet that there were Greeks who lived in Pompeii, just like there are Canadians who live in the US, or Americans who live in Mexico. The world was even back then a giant melting pot.

  6. Those curved and straight lines look suspiciously modern, suspiciously clean-cut (maybe literally cut). Just perhaps, they might be an artist's guide-lines for a more complex painting.... But the "object" itself looks like a basket piled with flat loaves of bread, or foodstuffs that look like them after long years of the paint aging. Just look at other ancient paintings and bas reliefs, for baskets of food.

  7. Those in Pompeii spoke Greek, that's why I called them Greeks.

    For the record, I saw many wonderful things in Italy, but I noticed this and thought it was interesting that no one had ever talked about it. Even if it's nothing, it just seems like the sort of thing someone would link with ancient UFO activity.

  8. It looks like a fruit basket to me.

  9. ummm its a crown with a scepter through it.......
    you have to be openminded, not just convincing urself ooo its a ufo. Plus, im pretty sure they spoke latin... because 1. they were part of the roman empire, which meant haalf of them were origonally romans who imigrated there 2. The signs all over the city were in latin. Like the entrance sign for example
    3. i am taking a latin class, and this information is constantly being shoved down my throat so thoought i should share my thoughts with you

  10. nope pretty sure they spoke ancient greek