Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet Knobby - North Carolina's Answer to Bigfoot

A recent 911 call in North Carolina has brought the creature "Knobby" to many people's attention for the first time.  People in North Carolina are already familiar with the tale, and reports of Knobby were fairly common in the 70's.

Knobby is described as a sort of blond haired Bigfoot who hangs around rivers in the woods.  As I said, the 70's was really his peak time, but scattered reports have existed since then.  This report from 2006 fits the description, and the creature is so strongly embedded in people's minds that they are still afraid of him.  The what did I see blog tells us of an old woman who saw Knobby in the 70's and is still afraid of the woods.

And, in the most recent case, a local was so scared that he called the police.  The officials found nothing, of course, but I really find this fascinating.  It's unusual for someone to believe in something like this so strongly that they will call the authorities for help.  Whatever is happening in North Carolina, it's enough to really scare some of these people.  This week's sighting happened in Caser, N.C., which is one of the places where (according to this old map drawn by a local in the old days) Knobby was reported to have been seen three decades ago.

Is thirty years not long enough for people to forget their fear?  Or have there been other sightings that were not reported in recent years?  In my hometown there had been stories of Bigfoot, but no one was truly afraid of seeing him when they went out.  These people in North Carolina, on the other hand, are truly spooked.

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