Friday, June 13, 2008

Have I Ever Seen a Ghost? There was that One Time...

I don't tell this story, very often, because it draws a lot of criticism, but I've seen a few strange things and here is one of my stories.

While in college (Dallas Baptist University, that is) I spent two months in a dorm room over the summer while my dorm room was being renovated. The weird things started happening at night. (go ahead, start laughing.)

I laid down to sleep and heard a rattling sound. I realized that it came from a jar of change (back then I kept all of my change in cups in my room; I had a few of these cups at the time). No big deal, sometimes change settles, but it was odd that the change was settling down into the cup so long after I had put the change there. Still, no big deal.

A bit later I heard a sliding sound and a thump. I shot up and realized that a poster had fallen from my wall. OK, that happens, sometimes the tape falls down, no big deal.

A few minutes later, a pencil rolled off of my desk.

And so on.

All night, every night, weird stuff like that happened. Each individual incident was nothing, it could have been explained by a stray air conditioner draft or something, but the frequency of these events was haunting. How could so many little anomalies be happening all at once and only at night?

One night the person in the bunk above was moving around, a lot, and I woke up wondering, Why can't he be still and stop shaking the bed so much?

Then I remembered, I don't have a roommate...

I got up and no one was up there, but something shook the bed. Weird.

I'm not saying that there was a ghost in there. I'm not saying that someone died in that room and now the ghost haunts the place. I'm not making any claims.

I'm just saying that it was unexplainable.

Tell me your stories.


  1. Quite haunting! Interesting story. I have never experienced any ghostly encounters, although I have a friend that has had quite a few.

  2. I was asleep at my Grandmother's house when my Grandfather was dying (he was at the hospice), and I awoke all of the sudden with some man that I'd never seen before sitting at the edge of my bed. He looked at me, and had a smile on his face, short, dark hair, white skin, and two black dots on his upper lip below his nose. I blinked and he was gone. FREAKY!!!!

  3. You have to have an open mind to believe in the things that go bump in the night and a lot of people experience things that they can't explain or that they have been programmed to ignore. People have been coming out of the paranormal closet so to speak, and they are sharing their experiences only to find out that countless of others have had the same freakish things happen to them. Some stories are pretty bizarre, and the things you mentioned that happened to you in the dorm are really quite common place and meant to remind us all, that we are all spirits. What happens to us when our bodies die, is a mystery, but I figure some dead folks just stick around and mess with us by pulling down posters (personally I have experienced a lot of these things, including a creepy antique bed that shook and rattled when I was a child, I witnessed posters being peeled down in the middle of the night, objects mysteriously flying off dressers and falling to the ground, a feeling of being watched constantly at night by unseeing eyes...) Decades later, I have an understanding that these things happen because of haunted houses, or haunted objects. After I moved out of the family home, I was relieved to find that the paranormal activities stopped, however it took me a long time to actually start believing in spirits, as I put the unexplainable happenings out of my mind. I can understand why people don't want to believe, and how easy it is to just go on and ignore the spirit world.

  4. I went to DBU as well. Actually, I've heard several stories from different students both male and female- even my wife (also a DBU grad).

    Most stories originate from the new girls dorm- kind of weird. But I have heard no less than 3 different females stories (my wife's included)dealing with very strange occurences (radio turning itself on, changing stations- it had a thumb-wheel, AC unit kicking on although they turned it off completely several times and all the way to heat, crying, etc).

    Personally,I was sleeping late morning/early afternoon in my room (lower floor Williams dormatory) when my alarm clock went off. I didn't set it and I couldn't turn it off. I kept hitting snooze, tried the "alarm off" switch and finally had to unplug. Not trying to color the story any more, but I THINK I remember the time being weird...but I can't remember well enough to say that with certainty. Honestly, it did catch me a little off-guard, but not scared that I felt uneasy.

    Never had any other issues/instances after this. Hope this helps!