Thursday, May 1, 2008

Paranormal Investigation - Flagpole Hill - Dallas, TX

While planning to visit a coffee house in the White Rock area, I realized that I would be driving past the infamous Flagpole Hill, a place well known amongst paranormal investigators.

For many years, there have been stories of drivers reporting odd happenings when they drive down this road. Rocks and sticks are said to hit cars from impossible angles. It's a small stretch of road that does not allow the driver to turn around; you must complete the circle to get out. Also, the reports almost always say not to drive down this road at night.

My wife and I couldn't resist a quick detour to investigate a well known phenomenon like this. We found the road with no trouble and began the drive.

Maybe it was the children. Maybe it was the middle aged people playing frisbee. Whatever it was, I just didn't feel like I was going to have a scary experience. After a non-eventful drive we decided to come back on our way home from the open mic...after dark...

...and, nothing happened, again. There were more people visiting the park and goofing off. The place is actually a well kept public park and it's about as threatening as Grandma's house. Maybe the next place I visit will have a real ghost.

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  1. I've always known that when you're looking forward & do expect paranormal activities, they just don't happen. That's only my opinion though.